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ISVA Service


Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) service offers person centred practical and emotional support to anyone aged 18+ who has experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse at any point in their life, including childhood sexual abuse.

ISVA's are independent of the police, courts and other agencies.

ISVA support is provided regardless of whether you choose to report to the police or not


Support provided


An ISVA can assist you in understanding your rights and the services that you may be able to access

                   An ISVA is trained to look after your needs and ensure that you receive care and understanding

ISVA's ensure you are given the information to make informed decisions about the support you access

ISVA's provide impartial information and advice


Practical and Emotional Support


Emotional and practical support to help you deal with the effects of rape, sexual assault & assault including childhood sexual abuse

 Provide you with information about safety options and the services that are available to you

Communicate and work alongside other agencies to assist you with negotiating the support you need

Signpost / refer  you to other services as requested




Criminal Justice System Support:


If you choose to report to the police an ISVA can support you through this process and any

subsequent Court proceedings such as:

An explanation of police procedures and the Criminal Justice System (CJS)

With your permission an  ISVA can be your single point of contact for you through the CJS

Liaison with the police, courts, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and other public agencies ensuring                                                           you are informed with the developments in your case

                          Arrange pre-trial visits and inform you of special measures to make giving evidence easier.

Supporting you before, during and after any court case.

​If you are thinking of reporting to the police an ISVA can also provide your with information on the process, options of how to report and what to expect.


What ISVA’s

are not able to do: 


ISVA’s are not legal advisors –impartial information about the criminal justice process is provided but not legal advice

ISVA’s should not be informed of the evidential details of your case or discuss this with you as this could be seen as ‘coaching’ a witness. 

ISVA’s do not provide therapy or counselling, though we can make a referral for you if you wish. 


Alternatively, please contact the office on 01246 559889


Further information

On receipt of a referral an ISVA will contact you within 5 working days to arrange a convenient appointment time with you.

In your initial ISVA appointment, an ISVA will further explain their role, complete an initial Risk & Needs Assessment with you and provide you with a confidentiality agreement, ISVA Contract & what to expect documentation

Providing it is appropriate a Safety and Support plan will also be completed with you in your first appointment if this is not suitable at the time an ISVA will create a further appointment with you that should be within 4 weeks of your initial appointment.

The Safety & Support plan is completed with you to gain a better understanding of your support needs and to further capture your views and opinions along with agreement of support actions to take place. The Safety and Support plan will be reviewed with you regularly and updated accordingly.

SAIL ISVA's will have achieved, or be working towards, accredited training from Lime Culture, and ongoing CPD (Continued Professional Development) to provide you with up to date knowledge and experience of differing support needs and further support services. Our ISVAs also access clinical supervision provided for by SAIL. 

If you wish for us to contact you regarding ISVA support, please fill in the form below:

Thanks for submitting!



*If at any point you are dissatisfied with your support or have issues, comments that you would like to discuss regarding any element of your support, contact, engagement or SAIL you can do so by contacting SAIL office on 01246 559889 or email: Or write to us addressed to Ruth Gartland at SAIL, 12 Soresby Street, Chesterfield, S40 1JN. We welcome all types of feedback.

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